About Choke

Aspire by Choke stands for Fashion which combines Scandinavian and Asian Design.

We design in Stockholm and northern Thailand and we produce in Thailand with respect to natural and human resources for customers who share those values.

After Black and White were the main colours of the 2018 Collections, we decided to create some colorful pieces in Red, Purple, Green and Olive. And of course again some Black Pieces. This year I made many Cardigans and Dresses for the Spring/Summer Collection.

Now we introduce our new Eco by Choke Line which is defined by Ecofriendly Linnen/Cotton Fabrics and enviremently friendly Colors like Indigo. A lot of customers asked for more sustainable clothing. We are concerned about climate change and now we test the acceptance of Eco by Choke and see how customers think about the Eco Friendly clothes.

Using light pure cotton and cotton mixes, the clothes feel very soft and are comfortable to wear. By old fashioned draping and by cutting fantastic asymmetric shapes the clothes get an elegant and modern style. Simplicity in form, but still practical and stylish clothes are my goal.

Simple but elegant Dresses, Trousers, Cardigans and many light T-Shirts and long arm Shirts make it easy for you to choose the right Peace for every occasion.

The Trousers, Skirts and Shorts give you the opportunity to create different styles, from business to leisure or party.

Since some months back we are Selling accessoirs and are working together with Refo (www.refo.nu). They design fantastic neckless and earrings with recycled material and are close by in Stockholm. We even sell a ring called "The Swan" by an local artist called Bengt Carling.

I like to create a markant Street Style, so customers can identify themselves with. But I also try to help them to create their own style by breaking Dresscodes with many Sweaters, Cardigans, Trousers and T-Shirts that can be worn unisex.

As this is a small family owned company, we have the goal to produce as environmental friendly as possible. We offer our employees a good income with stable working hours and let them give input in the production. We search for enviromental friendly produced fabric and try to buy leftovers from big companies, not to pollute the planet more than necessary.